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Paradise Beach Volleyball Courts, INDIALANTIC, FL

Beach Volleyball Season
2 times a week from 9:00 - 10:30 am

July 6 - July 31, 2020

4 weeks

$200 - paid up-front


We will be having 2v.2 BEACH WAVE Beach Volleyball for those who are interested.
Ages 8 - 18. Beach volleyball is amazing for your indoor game. It improves your footwork, speed and agility! Do you want a higher vertical before next season?

Play beach!


Players can choose their own partner or come to practices for the conditioning, skills training. We will match you up with a partner according to your skill level.

  • Beach volleyball forces players to improve all of their skills (passing, setting, hitting, serving, blocking)

  • The beach season is a great time to improve indoor weaknesses

  • Reps, reps, reps... Beach players get a large number of reps to improve their game.

  • Beach volleyball is a game of communication and indoor players will improve this facet of their game

  • The digging range improves when playing on the beach over indoors because of the amount of court the defender needs to cover

  • Playing beach helps player's ability to read the game better

  • Beach requires great ball control and that skill improves

  • Playing in the sand improves players quickness and makes them more agile

  • Beach volleyball increases players vertical jumping ability and also strengthens joints.

  • Players touch the ball at least one time on nearly every rally

Come join us for some fun in the sun with
Coach Michelle and Coach Audrey 

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